Information about spectrum and spectrum auctions

700 MHz Spectrum: Maintaining a Dividend for the Canadian Public

March 1, 2011

A submission in response to: Consultation on a Policy and Technical Framework for the700 MHz Band and Aspects Related to Commercial Mobile Spectrum  (Prepared by Marita Moll for Telecommunities Canada )

Executive Summary:
Telecommunities Canada offers the following recommendations to this consultation:

That all proceeds generated by the auction be used to support broadband initiatives that would bring Canada’s communications infrastructure back up to world class standards, as well as support digital content creation and digital skills programs

That a portion of the proceeds of the auction be used to establish digital skills training centres within reach of all Canadians.

Liberals say internet is infrastructure

February 16, 2010

 “Rural infrastructure like internet, roads and water services in every rural town needs to be modernized,” said Liberal Rural Caucus Chair Mark Eyking at a Feb 5 roundtable on rural-urban issues.  “That’s why we’re setting a goal of achieving full high-speed internet connectivity in every corner of the country.”  It is nice to hear internet described as infrastructure, which, of course, it is.  But the Liberals will have to go well beyond this goal to distinguish themselves from their rivals.