CACTUS at CRTC -- April 26 -- CPAC link

April 26, 2010
CACTUS (Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations) presented its proposal for new community-run multimedia access production and distribution centres to the CRTC on Monday, April 26th, at 9 a.m.
The Commission, particularly the Chairman, Konrad Von Finkenstein, indicated that he had read the CACTUS submission word for word and gave the chief spokesperson, Catherine Edwards, a thorough grilling about what he described at one point as a "radical" proposal.  The question and answer session makes great viewing -- a real David and Goliath battle about  ownership and  control over a large fund designated for community programming.  
This opening panel included community partners.  I represented Telecommunities Canada in support of this proposal.

You can watch this session through CPAC