Communications for all: open, accessible and inclusive -- Keynote presentation -- June 2

March 9, 2010

 Montreal. Canadian Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences, Socialist Studies subgroup.

Description:  For 15 years, the big telecom players and their well-paid lobbyists sang the praises of deregulation in the halls of power.  Canadians will get more competition, better services, and lower prices if government just got out of the way and let the market lead.  Did these policies deliver the promised goods?  Most people don't seem to think so.  No that the shine has come off deregulation, perhaps Canadia telecommunications policy could use a little rewind.  This presentation will look forward by looking back at what we once valued in communications.

Speaker: Marita Moll, researcher and free lance writer on telecom issues; Research associate, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives