Community access sites score high in digital economy consultation

July 14, 2010

Industry Canada's on-line digital economy strategy closed today with community access sites receiving a strong endorsement from the public both in the "ideas" forum and in the more formal submissions.

 Under "digital skills", 2 of the top 3 entries, were recommendations to support and extend this initiative.  Another was submitted to the "innovation" section. Links to CAP supporting submissions are provided below:

Continue and compliment CAP

Support community access

Les citoyens au coeur de l'innovation

In the formal submissions, the following submissions include recommendations to continue the CAP tradition:

Towards a national strategy for digital inclusion: Addressing social and economic disadvantage in an Internet economy  (Garth Graham)

Towards a 21st century communications strategy for all Canadians (Telecommunities Canada)

Consensus submission (Andrew Clement with 78 supporters)

All hands on the digital deck  (St Christopher House, Toronto)

How public libraries can improve Canada's digital advantage (Ottawa Public Library)

Library sector commitment to Canadian Digital Economy Strategy (Ontario Library Association)

Access for all (Canadian Urban Libraries Council).

From access to adoption: transforming community ICT (Nova Scotia CAP Association)

The importance of the CAP program in rural areas  (Waverly, N.S.)

Community networking and public digital infrastructure vital (Chebucto Community Network)