An Essential Part of Our Lives Now

March 1, 2010


“I use the computer to receive more information about all subjects that I'm interested in.
Usage of the Internet changed the world incredibly. Please help us to preserve our computer. This is an essential part of our lives now.” (community access user)
Every hour of every day, thousands of Canadians use community technology centers to perform the many tasks that now require some computer skills. They are looking for jobs, applying for passports, seeking health information and communicating with parents far away. Nicola from Danforth Ave. in Toronto said it best: “In the time when they transform names of searching machines into verbs and include them in dictionaries, Internet becomes an essential tool for everyone.” Like many immigrant families, Nicola’s family can't afford to have personal computer and internet connection. “I can't connect with my children by my cellphone, but I can communicate with them by e-mail. I can't communicate with my relatives in my country and my friends in Europe by phone. I do it by emailing. I also use the computer to enhance my English vocabulary.”
The computer Nicola uses is in a community technology center, often called a community access or CAP site. The CAP program was initiated by Industry Canada in 1994 to support community adoption of new technologies and to address the digital divide issue. With the assistance of thousands of volunteers and youth interns, this program is quietly serving the needs of millions of Canadians. This little booklet highlights a few of their stories.
Telecommunities Canada
January 18, 2010